Christian Fellowship International (CFi), an interdenominational youth fellowship is the campus outreach arm of Church of God Mission Intl. Their Mission is to raise effective and efficient leaders and disciples of Christ, who are sound in Spirit, mind and Body and excelling in their chosen fields (Academics, Business, Politics, Sports etc.) by deliberate training.

In accordance to that Mission, they organize a youth conference every year, which is tagged JAM Summit. Part of the program for JAM Summit is the Advantage Session where Leading Professionals are invited to train delegates on subjects such as Project Management, Digital Marketing, Etiquettes, and Employability etc.



To train Delegates on Digital Marketing at JAM Summit 2015 and JAM Summit 2016.



In 2015, we trained delegates who registered for our class on the basics of Digital Marketing (Blogging, AdWords, YouTube Email and Social Media Marketing).

In 2016, we dived in deeper into the world of digital marketing by teaching Content Management Systems (WordPress), Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (AdWords), Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing (Including Google my business).

Both years, we conducted an after-event follow-up program where we got feedback from students concerning the class and answered any follow-up question they had as they started implementing what was taught. We also share resource files with them.



Effective Training executed. Happy & curiosity satisfied Students.

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