About the Brand
Dapper 24 is an urban/vintage unisex fashion accessories outfit situated in Lagos, Nigeria.

The bulk of items sold at Dapper 24 includes Fedora Hats, Golf Caps, Bracelets, Sunglasses, Jewelries as well as other miscellaneous items.

Dapper 24 offers Nationwide deliveries for items purchased via their Online Stores and social media profiles.

The Challenge

» Creation of Social Media accounts

» Set up of stores on reputable e-commerce websites (Jumia, Konga e.t.c)

» Optimization & Management services for Social Media accounts

» Business Development Consulting

» Digital Marketing Strategies & Implementation.

Our Solution

» Social media accounts were created on 3 platforms — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

» A store was set up on reputable e-commerce site, Konga.com

» All social media accounts were optimized to reach the Business’ target audience and relevant content (Images & Captions) was also created and posted consistently on all social media platforms to drive engagement and further sell the brand.

» We provided the client with valuable online business development tips; we conducted an extensive target audience analysis so as to enable us manage their brand more effectively. We also consulted on their visual branding elements (Name, Logo and Color scheme). 

» We ran advertising campaigns on the leading social media platforms and helped the client structure strategic giveaways.

» Lastly, we conducted several industry researches so as to help the client stay up to date with market industry trends and demands.

The Results

So far:

» We have accumulated a total number of 2,815 Twitter followers; 1,456 Facebook fan likes and 6,382 followers on Instagram.

» We have been able to build a happy and trusting customer relationship between Dapper 24 Stores and their customers, and so Dapper 24 Stores have been able to attain top position and enhanced brand perception in the minds of their target audience.

» Dapper 24 Stores has been able to generate hundreds of sales of their products.

Disclaimer: All figures highlighted above is accurate at the time this post was published (September 1st, 2016)

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