In April 2016, Google in Sub-Saharan Africa launched its massive #digitalskills4Africa training programme in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria, with an aim to enroll and equip more than a million young Africans with free digital skills.

The tech giant plans to train 200 000 people in Kenya. A further 400 000 Nigerians and 300 000 south Africans will receive free digital training, while another 100 000 people will be selected from other sub-Saharan Africa countries.

To deliver these, Google Partnered with different organizations and individuals who first undergone a 'train the trainers' orientation. Notable amongst these Partners is Livity Africa, initiators of Digify Africa.

Digify Africa is a digital training initiative delivered by Livity Africa, with support from Google, the Rockefeller Foundation and British Council. The program is designed to up-skill the next generation of digital talent in preparation for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities across the continent.

Digify Africa is a new pathway in education, employment and empowerment, proving that by learning and improving digital skills, one can increase their chances of becoming employed or starting their own business or freelance career in Africa.


The Challenge

» Lack of Digital Skill knowledge amongst Students, Business owners and other individuals

» Lack of conceptualization of Digital skill variables like Social Media and Digital Marketing etc.

» The need to educate people on how to harness basic digital skill knowledge.


The Solution

» Four (4) Digital Skill Training classes were organized and help in different locations in Benin City, Edo state.

» Digital marketing adverts were carried out Social Media to reach out to a specific target audience for registration.

» Key basic digital skill variables were lectured and exposed to the attendees.


The Results

» Over 200 persons all together were in attendance of the Training classes.

» Over 200 persons were trained and taught the basic digital skill knowledge needed to understand, conceptualize and kick off a digital skill related career.

» Attendees were given adequate time and opportunities to ask the tutors questions on subjects or thoughts they needed clarifications on.

» Evaluations questions were sent to the attendees in a feedback form for qualification of Attendance certificates.

» Feedbacks and evaluations received proved that over 70% of the attendees took out worthy information from the Training classes. 30% of this fraction moved forward to request for further Personal Coaching from our tutors at the René Academy which kickstarted almost immediately.

» We still positive calls, messages, tweets, feedbacks and inquiries from our attendees on various subjects which invariably shows how much knowledge they consumed during the Digital Skill Training held by us. 


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