Penthusia Media Ltd is a Nigerian entertainment company that is involved in the creation and dissemination of highly entertaining art forms like short stories, novels, poetry collections, comic books, movie scripts, biographies etc. by collaborating with talented writers/storytellers as well as graphic artists, photographers, movie makers and musicians. 

They collaborate with talented writers in creating highly entertaining Nigerian stories fit for mass consumption. 


» Brand awareness for in-house author, Longrin Wetten and book, Lie To Me, Dan.

» Product placement on reputable Bookstores and e-commerce websites (Jumia, Konga e.t.c)

» Optimization & Management services for Social Media accounts

» Book review engagement

» Publicity Development Consulting

» Digital Distribution Strategies & Implementation


» Social media accounts were optimized on 2 platforms — Facebook and Twitter.

» The Books were distributed to popular bookstores in about 5 major Nigerian cities and uploaded on e-commerce sites,, Jumia, Okada Books and Roving Heights Books.

» All social media accounts were managed to reach the Author’s target audience. Relevant content (Images & Captions) was also created and posted consistently on all social media platforms to drive engagement and further sell the brand.

» We provided the client with book review volunteers and enthusiasts who contributed with their creative analysis and criticism of the body of Art.

» The Book reviews were published on strategically selected websites.

» We ran advertising campaigns on Facebook & Twitter to publicize every Book review sent in by Writers and readers alike.



In the 4 months of the first phase of Brand awareness that we have worked with the client:

» We have accumulated a total number of 3,517 targeted Twitter followers and 5,371 highly targeted Facebook fan likes.

» We have been able to build a digital connect between the author, Longrin Wetten and his target audience, current readers and would-be readers.

» We have placed hard and soft copies of the book in strategic Bookstores and online platforms.

» We have been able to get book reviews from highly respected book critics, bloggers and writers.

» We have placed all written reviews on highly visited blogs and websites including Bella Naija, Okada Plugs, Pulse NG etc.


Disclaimer: All figures highlighted above is accurate at the time this report was generated (August 19th, 2016)

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