Yandi is a Nigerian based e-commerce platform which provides a whole new experience in shopping, adding that the platform opens a larger inventory option to both buyers and sellers.

With an open market of unlimited services and products to choose from, Yandi offers a wide selection of items that spreads across every human needs and wants.

They provide online store spaces for different stores, brands, companies and individuals, giving the buyers a large market to select from and opportunities to pick out the most favorable place of purchase for their desired goods or services


» Creation of Social Media accounts

» Optimization & Management services for Social Media accounts


» Social media accounts were created on 3 platforms — Facebook and Instagram.

» All social media accounts were optimized to reach the Business’ target audience and relevant content (Images & Captions) was also created and posted consistently on all social media platforms to drive engagement and further sell the brand.


» We optimized the social media presence of Yandi and accumulated a total number of 2,600 Facebook fan likes and 17,400 followers on Instagram.

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